We provide employment and training to homeless parents who manufacture sleeping bag coats for those in need.


At Empowerment Plan, we work to produce our durable and innovative coat that transforms into a sleeping bag. This employment opportunity ensures that each person we hire is able to earn a stable income, find secure housing, and regain their independence.


Help Empowerment Plan in breaking the cycle of homelessness.
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Behind the Seams


in the community

The Detroit Lions

“With a deep commitment to women and families in our community, the Detroit Lions have proudly partnered with the Empowerment Plan since 2016. Helping people move beyond crisis and establish stability is a core part of our community giving strategy, which aligns well with the Empowerment Plan mission. From engaging former players to distribute coats in shelters each year, to hosting current players and their wives to see and participate in the sewing process, Empowerment Plan provides tangible ways for the team to have a meaningful impact on some of our most vulnerable populations in our community.”
Jen McCollum, Senior Director Community Relations and Detroit Lions Charities 

seamstress spotlight

Cassandra Grimes

Cassandra began working with Empowerment Plan in May of 2018. With her resilient spirit and positive outlook on life, she has accomplished so much despite facing some of life's toughest obstacles. In addition to being a working single mother to five, she is enrolled in GED classes and is in the process of obtaining her driver's license. Cassandra constantly reminds us that although our past is part of who we are, we cannot let it not define who we will become. Click here to support Cassandra in creating a more stable life for her family.



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